About Us


Canadian Karate and Krav – Hagana (CKA)

krav-maga31Canadian Karate and Krav Hagana was founded in the beginning of the year 2012, with the objective to create an intense connection between the world of martial arts and modern society.
For this connection to be established we need to clarify some myths about martial arts. These myths may cause people not to want to get anywhere near martial arts because they are not aware of the great contributions martial arts can have on everyday life.

They include fitness, philosophy of life, sports, programs that help people with mental and physical disabilities, and of course, self-defense. CKA has clear objectives in social, martial and sports levels, and programs designed in order to achieve these objectives.

dscf0055One of our main goals is that every Canadian karate practitioner, no matter what karate style he or she is practicing, or what his or her social or financial possibilities are, would be able to become part of the Canadian Karate Selection Team. It will enable them to participate in world championships and international competitions representing Canada (WUKO).
CKA will provide professional support and guidance in order to bring Canada to the world championships and possibly participate in the most important, world-level championships.
Our intention is to form a new organization open to the whole world of karate, to let Canada have an influence at an international level, to push and inspire this martial art for millions of practitioners in the world, and to provide a possibility to join the Olympics.