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Good luck to Etai Golan!

We wish good luck to  Etai Golan at their important Green Belt exam!

IMG-20170617-WA0003                                                                                                                                    As our senior student,  Etai Golan, silver medal winner of the World Cup 2019, are taking on additional responsibilities as Sempai.

CKA latest achievement! WORLD Karate Champion, Italy, November 2018

CKA is proud to announce our latest achievement !!!!

WUKO&AD, World karate Cup  in Italy , November 17-18, 2018: GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE

Canadian team of Captain ETAI GOLAN (11) and ANTONY BRAININ (7) won GOLD and SILVER in  KUMITE (fight competition) and BRONZE in KATA (imaginary fight)!👏 😀Kudos Etai🎖️🎖️Cheers Antony for getting to the 1th  place IMG_4248!
Thank you students and parents for your effort and support!

CKA is proud to announce a tremendous achievement !!!! in the field of competitive karate at the last Pan-American games in Trinidad and Tobago, June 16-17, 2017:
Canadian team of Captain ETAI GOLAN (10) and ANTONY BRAININ (6) Won gold in KUMITE (fight competition) and silver in KATA (imaginary fight)!👏 😀Kudos Etai🎖️🎖️! Cheers Antony for getting to the 5th place ! Thank you students and parents for your effort and support! IMG-20170617-WA0001


Congrats! 2 bronze medals at 8th WUKO&AD World Cup (2016)!

Congratulations !!!!!

It gives us tremendous pleasure to announce that our National Selection Team WON THIRD PLACE at the 8th WUKO&AD WORLD CUP for children, cadets, juniors, veterans & athletes with disability in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 13-15 November, 2016! Our team: Etai Golan and David Kolesanov, competed in the Children (ages 9-10) categories: Kata and Kumite.


CKA would like to thank the parents of our athletes for sponsoring the trip and for their help throughout, as well as all CKA students and parents for their cooperation and support. And last but definitely not least, a big THANK YOU, KUDOS and CHEERS to our young athletes, who put their full efforts and team spirit and performed so well in their first world-class international competition.

Everyone played an indispensable role in making a dream come true, and put a new-born Canadian National Selection Karate Team, CKA, on the World Karate map!