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Canadian Karate & Krav – Hagana, Training Instructor School

Karate Shorin – Ryu Certified Instructor Course

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Picture 028If you would like to become a certified CKA Karate Shorin – Ryu Instructor, you may be making one of the smartest decisions for your future.
The Instructor course is divided into 4 different levels, which will be held in 4 different courses, obtaining the highest graduation of Instructor when completing the final course.

About Shorin- Ryu stile:

Shōrin-ryū is one of the major modern Okinawan Martial Arts. Choshin Chibana founded it in 1933. Shōrin-ryū combines elements of the traditional Okinawan fighting styles of Shuri-Te. Chosin Chibana was a top student of the great master of Shuri-Te, Anko Itosu. Anko Itosu was the top student of Matsumura Sōkon, who was a renowned warrior of his time; bodyguard to three kings of Okinawa, he has been called the Miyamoto Musashi of Okinawa and was dubbed bushi, or warrior, by his king. However, while he is often referred to as the “founder” of Shuri-Te, he did not invent all the components of the style. He synthesized his knowledge of Okinawan arts with Chinese martial arts that he learned on his travels and taught it as a coherent system to some eager students, who subsequently refined it, and passed it on. In 1933, Chosin Chibana chose to call his style Shorin-ryu in honor of the Chinese Shaolin roots, and to differentiate it from others styles that were being modified from the original teachings of Anko Itosu. Prior to this time, there were no names for styles in Okinawa (though common in Japan for Japanese martial arts).

Features of the Style

Shōrin-ryū is generally characterized by natural breathing, natural (narrow, high) stances, and direct, rather than circular movements (with the exception of Shōrin-ryū, which makes extensive use of circular movements). Shōrin-ryū practitioners will say that correct motion matters, being able to move quickly to evade violence by having fluid movements and flexible positions is quite important, and that a solid structure is very important for powerful moves. Stances that are too deep will most likely make body movement very difficult. Another of the features in this system is how the student is taught to punch. Generally, there is not either a horizontal or a vertical punch in Shorin Ryu. Punches are almost vertical, slightly canted to the inside, with the largest knuckle of the forefinger (third from the tip) in vertical alignment with the second knuckle of the pinky finger. It is believed that this position is key in lining up the bones of the arm and creates a faster, more stable and powerful strike.

1. You may be a direct part of an International homogeneous organization.
2. Participate in one educational and revolutionary program that is recognized worldwide for teaching self-defense aimed at anyone who needs it, regardless of gender and fitness.
3. To be the first generation of the karate instructors CKA in Canada, this is your opportunity to be part of history in the world of martial arts.

After completion of the training, instructor, our relationship has just begun, our organization and the Master Enrique Welcher will always be at your side, advising and guiding you to always continue to progress both at the commercial and at the professional level.


1. Previous experience in martial arts.
2. Minimum age 18 years
3. No criminal record

For more information: info@karatecka.org