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karate-trainingKarate CKA – Great Place to Practice KARATE Martial Art!

If you are seeking the opportunity for your child or yourself to learn the true art of Karate from one of the best and most experienced Master’s in the world, you can find this in the city of Vaughan, Ontario.

• World Karate Champion (2007).
• Coach to the National Canadian Karate Team.
• Designated Sporting Scout responsible for appointing new talents in the sport of Karate to represent Canada in world competitions.
world karate championship 2007• Over 42 years of experience in the practice and teaching of Karate.
• Former coach of three international karate teams
• International judge of Karate competitions.
• Member of the World International Karate Commission.
• 8th Dan holder.
• Creator of a special Karate system designed for persons with disabilities, which is practiced worldwide.
• Author of the book “Success in Your Hands”, which provides guidance on what can be achieved in the practice of martial arts.
• Creator of a new self-defense system entitled “Krav – Hagana”, utilized by Security and Military personnel worldwide.


Karate in CKA, Benefits Everyone

At our karate school, we teach adults, children and special needs children. We believe that everyone can benefit from the physical and mental aspect of this form of the martial arts. You start at the point you are at in life and progress as far as you would like. Some of our students choose to compete and earn belts, while others prefer the fitness component or the mental focus you gain.
We soon see improvements in our students. Usually, the first signs appear on the physical level with better muscle tone, increased stamina and more energy. On the mental plane, the demands of karate in CKA result in a mind that is trained to focus, as well as a sense of calm that occurs after the class is over. The activity tires your body, leaving your mind free of stress.
In addition, our students show an increase in self-confidence. This comes from mastering the forms, moving up in rank and earning different belts. For students who are in school, we find they are better able to concentrate and complete tasks, thus earning better grades.

Personal Training

Practice one on one with the Master, a unique experience for any practitioner.


Little Karateka (4-5 years)

We believe that karate for kids should include teaching them to pay attention and focus to become better students; developing better fitness, balance, coordination and strength to make better athletes; teaching them to be respectful and courteous; teaching them the foundational qualities of cooperation and trust; and teaching practical, effective, useful martial arts skills.
Obviously, kids have a wide variety of physical and mental skills and needs. We work to help each student advance individually, working with feedback from parents to fine tune our approach.


Juniors Karateka (6-12 years)

Karate is a universal art. We are working on defensive techniques to practice individual moves, and we are doing forms for movement, flow, and grace, but we are also developing strength, coordination, flexibility, range of motion. We are developing strong bodies so that your child will be ready for other activities and sports. We are also developing leadership and teaching skills. As your child develops in the program, he or she will not ‘just be learning things, but will also get to teach other students. Self-defense and fighting skills? Karate is designed to provide those.


Karate for Adults and Teens

instructor-training-karateAdults and Teens are usually looking for Self Defense, Fitness and Health, and the social experience of training with others. Karate is a group activity with individual advancement. Our members get the fun of working with other adults, but they have complete control over advancement. Work harder, practice more, come to more classes, and the work pays off – advancement comes faster. Of course, it is not about the belt. It is really about making you better, stronger, faster, and healthier. We notice that most adults and teens carry a lot of tension in the body, and do not move well. Working through the techniques and forms help your body learn to move confidently, fluidly, and powerfully. You are going to get a workout. The good news is that the workout can be tailored to your individual level of fitness and skill. Our classes are fast paced, fun, and include work for flexibility, strength, core strength, and cardio. You will learn defensive techniques with other adults, you will learn how to hit and move. Our Belt Progression breaks the system down into short, medium, and long-term goals that are achievable, but challenging. You will have things to work on besides breaking a sweat, and that is going to make it a lot easier to stick with it.


Family Classes!

But we also have a couple of classes each week where the whole family can train together! We will usually work basics that everyone can do, and then split into age-appropriate groups (kids with kids, adults with adults) before getting back together for a fun finish to the class. Sometimes, kids will be really into the program and parents will do the family class to be part of the experience. Sometimes that turns into a higher level of interest by the parent, and sometimes it is just a fun activity for the whole family.



kobudo sayCKA is the only place in Toronto Area specialize in Okinawan Kobudo

Okinawan Kobudo is an ancient Martial Arts of Okinawa origin aimed to teach the operations of traditional ancient weapons, like BO (stick),Sai, nunchaku and tonfa. All our programs (all ages) include elements from Okinawan Kobudo.