Canadian Karate & Krav – Hagana, Training Instructor School

israeli krav hagana

Location: Toronto, Ontario

If you would like to become a certified Krav – Hagana Instructor, you may be making one of the smartest decisions for your future.

  1. Master Enrique Daniel Welcher 10th Dan developed this Method, when he was Senior Defense Instructor at the School of the Israeli Marine Cadets. Krav – Hagana is a defense system developed fort the marine cadets, which requires a fast and effective defense which is easy to learn. The defense system is also well adapted for regular citizens to deal with violent threats in everyday life.
    The Instructor course is divided into 4 different levels, which will be held in 4 different courses, obtaining the highest graduation of Instructor when completing the final course. 

krav maga

1. You may be a direct part of an International homogeneous organization.
2. Participate in one educational and revolutionary program that is recognized worldwide for teaching self-defense aimed at anyone who needs it, regardless of gender and fitness
3. Practice directly with the creator, Master Enrique Daniel Welcher 9th Dan.
4. To be the first generation of instructors, this is your opportunity to be part of history in the world of martial arts.
5. After completion of the training, instructor, our relationship has just begun, our organization and the Master Enrique Welcher 10th Dan, will always be at your side, advising and guiding you to always continue to progress both at the commercial and at the professional level.


1. Previous experience in martial arts.
2. Minimum age 18 years
3. No criminal record

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