Social Programs

  1. programs-kravhagana-001Application of the program created by Master Enrique Welcher in Israel to help people with disabilities, deaf, blind, mutes, with down syndrome, autism, and epilepsy. This program was very successful in Israel, and it is used nowadays in schools for special education and at a private level.
  2. Creating a professional school in the Canada to train instructors who will be able to teach and help people with the disabilities listed above.
  3. Creating an instructors’ school for people that had drug addictions, alcoholism, and violence in the family, and with that to give them a possibility to get back to society, and to help other people with the same problem as they had.

Martial Arts to help children and young adults with special needs.

Martial Arts and Sports Programs

  1. Creation of the new Canadian selection of karate (CKA). This selection will be open to all styles from the age of six. Individuals and karate schools can be part of the selection.
  2. Creation of a referee school so they can be a part of, and represent America in international competitions, that are organized by CKA and WUKO (World United Karate organization).
  3. Creation of a coaches’ school, for people who want to become coaches in national and international levels, so their students could participate in international competitions.
  4. Creation of a martial arts instructors’ school. These courses are meant for all students of martial arts from all styles that want to become martial arts instructors, to teach them how to be professional instructors, and to provide them with required knowledge

Karate Shorin – Ryu Certified Instructor Course

Krav – Hagana, Certified Instructor Course